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St John Beaches

There are a number of beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, each with a unique experience. You MUST take a ferry to St John (easy, just do it, thank us later) and hit either Trunk Bay or Cinnamon Bay

The Best and Most Popular St John Beaches:

  • Trunk Bay (frequently rated #1 in the Virgin Islands)
  • Cinnamon Bay (love this beach)
  • Hawksnest Beach
  • Honeymoon Beach
  • Maho Bay
  • Little Maho

Other Popular St John Beaches:

  • Salt Pond Bay
  • Salomon Bay
  • Turtle Bay 

Secret Gems on St John or Generally Empty Beaches:

  • Leinster Bay
  • Watelemon Cay (frequently thought as Watermelon Cay) a mile hike past Leinster Bay
  • Jumbie Bay  (walk down a trail to get to)
  • Gibney Beach
  • Denise Bay
  • Scott Beach
  • Francis Bay
  • Frank Bay
  • Brown Bay
  • Kiddle Bay